AVI Networks – Reset Controller

Sometimes it’s required to reset a controller, this can be done from the cli.

First login to the controller you wish to reset

→ ssh admin@
Avi Cloud Controller

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Version:      18.2.2
Date:         2019-03-06 09:07:37 UTC
Build:        9224
Management:                UP
Gateway:                   UP

admin@'s password:

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After that you need to switch to the AVI Shell and there you can issue the ‘reboot clean’ command. Credentials for the AVI Shell are the same as for the SSH Login.

admin@192-168-128-8:~$ shell
Login: admin

[admin:192-168-128-8]: > reboot clean

This will erase the entire configuration and reboot the cluster

Would you like to proceed? (yes/no): yes

This may take 2-3 minutes to complete. Please wait...

Lost connectivity to the controller -- Retrying to connect
Re-established connectivity -- Please retry the command

Broadcast message from root@192-168-128-8 (somewhere) (Fri Mar  8 16:46:51 2019)

Rebooting this VM because of the cluster event 'clean reboot'

Cisco ACI – Reset a ACI Spine/Leaf Switch to default

Login via SSH or Console to the switch

Make sure that there is an image on the leaf/spine

leaf01# dir /bootflash/aci-n9000*

Make sure that this image is used as bootvar

leaf01# cat /mnt/cfg/0/boot/grub/menu.lst.local
boot aci-n9000-dk9.11.0.2j.bin
leaf01# cat /mnt/cfg/1/boot/grub/menu.lst.local
boot aci-n9000-dk9.11.0.2j.bin

If this Image is not set as bootvar, there is a script for that 🙂

leaf01# setup-bootvars.sh aci-n9000-dk9.11.0.2j.bin

After the check you can reset the switch

leaf01# setup-clean-config.sh aci-n9000-dk9.11.0.2j.bin
In progress
In progress
In progress
In progress
In progress
In progress
In progress
In progress
In progress
In progress
In progress
In progress
In progress
In progress
In progress

Just reload the switch

leaf01# reload
This command will reload the chassis, Proceed (y/n)? [n]: y

After this process you can rejoin this Switch to the fabric