Sublime – Use Control+W to delete Word to the left

I’m a pretty big fan of Sublime Text (v3), will blog more about my setup details. But this morning i really missed the Control+W to delete the first word on the left side, so i found this Solution:

Sublime Text -> Preferences -> Key Bindings – User:

{ "keys": ["ctrl+w"], "command": "delete_word", "args": {"forward": false, "sub_words": true}},

An that’s it, you can now delete words with Control+W 🙂


Use ? “literal” in IOS

As we all know, the Question mark in IOS is used as interactive help, but what about a ? in a password?
This could for example be a task in your CCIE Lab or at least in on of the many preparation labs.

To use the ? literal just enter crtl+v and then ?

Rack1SW3(config)#username cisco password SECR?
LINE    <cr>

ctrl+v ?

Rack1SW3(config)#username cisco password SECR?

Easy stuff but good to know!
Of course the ? can also be used in ACL Names, Route-maps, etc…