Cisco WLC – IOS Based WLC AP Count through SNMP (5760, 3850, 3650)

I had a hard time to find the correct OID and ended with doing a snmpwalk and try to find the right OID with a grep…
But i think i made it 🙂

Crosschecked on 2 5760 Clusters and i got the correct count on both, also tried to reboot some APs and the count seems correct to me.
Note: I use 3.6.1 so maybe you get a different result with another software version.

Interesting is that i found two other OIDs that report the same value.

Use ? “literal” in IOS

As we all know, the Question mark in IOS is used as interactive help, but what about a ? in a password?
This could for example be a task in your CCIE Lab or at least in on of the many preparation labs.

To use the ? literal just enter crtl+v and then ?

Rack1SW3(config)#username cisco password SECR?
LINE    <cr>

ctrl+v ?

Rack1SW3(config)#username cisco password SECR?

Easy stuff but good to know!
Of course the ? can also be used in ACL Names, Route-maps, etc…

Cisco IOS shortcuts

Nice overview of Cisco IOS shortcuts, will try to add more!

Ctrl + A - Beginning Line
Ctrl + B - Backward Character
Ctrl + C - Clear line
Ctrl + D - Delete Character to the Right
Ctrl + E - End Line
Ctrl + F - Forward Character
Ctrl + H - Backspace Character to the Left
Ctrl + I - Refresh Line and Goto End
Ctrl + J - Return
Ctrl + K - Delete everything on the Right of cursor
Ctrl + L - Refresh Line
Ctrl + M - Return
Ctrl + N - Next Command
Ctrl + P - Previous Command
Ctrl + R - Refresh Line
Ctrl + T - Flip Last 2 Characters
Ctrl + U - Clear Line and Put in Buffer
Ctrl + V - Allows A Control Character To Be Typed
Ctrl + W - Delete Word Backwards and Put in Buffer
Ctrl + X - Clear Line to the Left and Put in Buffer
Ctrl + Y - Paste Buffer Contents