Cisco ACI – Reset a APIC

Way to reset a ACI fabric controller back to the initial state

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New Version of this Post available

The commands mentioned here don’t work anymore with newer releases of the Fabric. So I wrote a new post on how to factory reset your Cisco APIC in 2022

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Old Post

If you want to reset one or all of your APIC Controllers to factory default, there is a easy command for that ’eraseconfig setup'

→ ssh [email protected]
Application Policy Infrastructure Controller
[email protected]'s password:
apic1# bash ---> Only required with Version 1.2+

admin@apic1:~> eraseconfig setup
Do you want to cleanup the initial setup data? The system will be REBOOTED. (Y/n):

When your intention is to reset a whole fabric, it’s recommended to reset the switches first:
Reset a ACI Spine/Leaf Switch
If you reset the APIC Controller first, you have to do this step through console afterwards.

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