Cisco ACI – Reset a APIC

Way to reset a ACI fabric controller back to the initial state

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New Version of this Post available

The commands mentioned here don’t work anymore with newer releases of the Fabric. So I wrote a new post on how to factory reset your Cisco APIC in 2022

Old Post

If you want to reset one or all of your APIC Controllers to factory default, there is a easy command for that ’eraseconfig setup'

→ ssh [email protected]
Application Policy Infrastructure Controller
[email protected]'s password:
apic1# bash ---> Only required with Version 1.2+

[email protected]:~> eraseconfig setup
Do you want to cleanup the initial setup data? The system will be REBOOTED. (Y/n):

When your intention is to reset a whole fabric, it’s recommended to reset the switches first:
Reset a ACI Spine/Leaf Switch
If you reset the APIC Controller first, you have to do this step through console afterwards.

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