Happy New Year & Resolutions for 2017

Overview over the resolutions for 2017!

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2016 is over, at least here in switzerland. It was an interesting year for me, i attend my first Cisco Live (@Vegas) and had to recertify my CCIE for the first time. As the new year starts i’m taking a new challenge @Netcloud as Network Engineer. I have different things that i want to accomplish in 2017.

Title Description
Run on 200 days About 4 Days a week, this will be hard but should be doable
First Marathon Already booked, Berlin in September
Read 26 Books I will create a list and keep track of this on a separate post
Improve my Spanish I learned some basic Spanish skills last year and put them in use on my trip to central america, but i definitely want improve
Get my CCIE Datacenter I’m already working on this
Blog Redesign An easy one, but it’s time for a new look
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