ACI/N9K – How to convert a Nexus 9000 from NX-OS to ACI

Some time ago i posted how to convert a ACI switch to NX-OS, now the other way around.

Copy the file to the NX-OS Mode N9k

switch# copy scp: bootflash:
Enter source filename: Downloads/aci-n9000-dk9.12.2.1o.bin
Enter vrf (If no input, current vrf 'default' is considered): management
Enter hostname for the scp server:
Enter username: USER
aci-n9000-dk9.12.2.1o.bin                       1%   15MB   3.8MB/s   04:34 ETA

Change the boot mode to aci

switch(config)# boot aci bootflash:///aci-n9000-dk9.12.2.1o.bin
Warning: Please check list of all ACI supported hardware before doing this operation, not all hardware are supported.
Warning: Booting to an ACI image will remove all nxos configuration and format bootflash. Do you want to continue (y/n)?[n] y
Performing image verification and compatibility check, please wait....

Image verification successful.

That’s it, just boot the switch and you can join the fabric 🙂
Be aware that the first reload can take quite some time! (15minutes+)

switch# reload
!!!WARNING! there is unsaved configuration!!!
This command will reboot the system. (y/n)?  [n] y

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5 thoughts on “ACI/N9K – How to convert a Nexus 9000 from NX-OS to ACI

    • Hi Parminder,

      An L3out is used to connect to external networks via l3. It’s comparable to the ESG of NSX.
      If you have a more specific question, shoot me a mail blog [at]


  1. Hi Richard, Thanks for the article, I will however point out that after you reload this switch with the last command, it will boot into ACI, but if you powercycle the switch again, it will go back to the BootROM.

    What is required within the aci CLI following the reload command within your article is the following additional commands::

    (none)# aci-n9000-dk9.12.2.1o.bin
    (none)# reload

    • Hi,

      Thanks for this note. I don’t think this is required if the switch joins a fabric? Or is it?


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