Cisco ACI – Convert Leaf Ports back (Downlink to Uplink)

As i described in another Post there is the possibility to change a ACI Leaf Uplink Port to Downlink mode. This can be useful if you require some 40/100G Ports but don’t want to add new Leafs.

If you now wan’t to convert some of these Downlinks back to Uplinks, you can follow this guide here.

Navigate to Fabric -> Pod and select the Leaf on which you wan’t to change the Port behaviour.

Change to the Interface Tab and select “Configuration” on the right side.

Now select the Interfaces you wish to change and then select “Uplink”.

You then need to confirm the action, to make the change active you have to reload the ACI Leaf switch.

That’s it, after the Switch is reloaded the interfaces are back in Uplink mode an can be connected to the Spines 🙂

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