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Beside of your number and that you’re recognised as CCIE you also get some small perks from Cisco:

CCIE Certification Kit
You will get a CCIE Certification Kit, after i got mine i will blog about it for sure!
According to cisco it includes:

  • Congratulatory letter from John Chambers
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Personalized CCIE plaque
  • CCIE badge pull
  • CCIE sticker set
  • Certification resource document

I will post the whole package and its content after i received my Certification Kit

CCIE Merchandise
I now finally can shop in the CCIE section of the cisco store 😉
Currently i don’t think that i will order some stuff from there, but we will see

Technical Service Requests (Case Routing)

Service requests made to Cisco Technical Support (TS) by CCIEs in good standing, on behalf of an organization with a valid support contract, will be routed directly to the more experienced core TS support engineers. Routing is done automatically based on Cisco User ID; no special phone number or URL is required. For more information, contact Cisco Technical Support.

Who knows if this really is true? But i recognised a difference if i try to open a TAC Case, I can now directly open Severity 2 cases through the website.

Open a TAC Case

Open a TAC Case as CCIE, you can use Severity 2

These are all nice things, but i think the most important part of it is the recognition as CCIE in the market and the company benefits.

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