How to Fix ACI Fault F1419

This post shows you how to get rid of the F1419 fault "This fault occurs when a Data Management Engine (DME) process fails on a controller"

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On one of the Customer APICs I noticed Fault F1419, with the description “Service nomad_client failed on apic APIC1 of Fabric FAB with a hostname APIC1”. The appearance of this Fault is a known Bug (CSCvw05302) and Cisco describes it here.

F1419 on one of the APICs

How to Fix ACI Fault F1419?

As described in the Bug CSCvw05302, running some commands on the APIC CLI can resolve the Fault. After logging in to the APIC through SSH, you can run the following commands to clear the bug.

acidiag scheduler cleanup force
acidiag scheduler enable

Running the Commands on an APIC

Running the first command will take some time (3-5 minutes). The second one is faster. After running the commands, you will see more errors on all APICs because the first command stopped the services. But these faults will quickly disappear, and the initial F1419 should be gone.

More faults for a short period of time

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