Featured image of post Cisco releases APIC-M4 and APIC-L4

Cisco releases APIC-M4 and APIC-L4

Available for quoting from now on, the APIC-M4 and APIC-L4 are the newest generation APICs available

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New APIC generation

With the APIC-M4 (Base GPL $35084.00) and APIC-L4 (Base GPL $50120.00) there is a new APIC generation nearly available. Currently flagged with Q-NO, which means it can be quoted but not ordered yet.

Main difference between the Medium Model (M4) and the large model (L4) is the supported number of edge ports. < 1200 for the M4 and > 1200 for the L4. So if you plan for more than 25 Leafs, go for the large model.

Screenshot of the CCW configuration

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Use cases for the new generation APICs

Beside of new fabrics, which definitely will go directly for the M/L-4 from now on, the lifecycle of the M/L-2 APICs is also approaching. EOL for these models is 30 June 2024

The new generation will be a perfect replacement, which allows for skipping the 3rd generation APICs.

Minimum SW version

Currently, only APIC version 6.0 can be selected in CCW for the new APICs M-4/L-4.
But according to Cisco 5.2 should also be supported, but this needs to be confirmed.

Only 6.0 selectable right now, but 5.2 should be supported

Update 25th November 2023: Cisco now released 5.3.1d which supports the 4th generation APICs. More details can be found in the Release Notes.

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